Emerging Companies

Assisting the set up of companies to establish market share and transforming existing business models to compete in international markets:

Collaborative assessments of corporate structures and operations to identify areas for revitalisation and growth

Emergent has a core team of management and operations specialists that we embed with client companies to identify areas within the value chain for revitalisation and growth. We work hand in hand with the senior client leadership to conduct a gap analysis of existing procedures and to provide formal recommendations and identify focal areas for development.

Developing and implementing strategies for revitalisation and growth

After completing a gap analysis, Emergent embeds specialists to assist local staff to identify deficiencies, and design and implement agreed strategies. Our preference is to develop solutions that can be implemented and overseen by client staff, or where necessary by our own subject matter experts. When required, Emergent provides the technical expertise needed to prepare for and to conduct formal audits to international or other agreed standards. We also provide assistance with the development of formal tenders, response to tenders or contracts with international or government businesses or agencies.

Implementing reviews for continual improvement to delivery of strategy

Emergent conducts regular reviews to predetermined timelines by qualified and experienced auditors to ensure that agreed strategies are being delivered to meet key performance indicators and benchmarks. We also act as facilitators for leadership team workshops to test the continued relevance of a strategy to client and target market needs and to ensure it remains appropriate and continues to resonate with the company culture.