Emerging Markets

Opening markets in post conflict or developing economies in the Middle East and Africa:

Market and risk analysis for business development and operational start-ups

Emergent identifies locations and opportunities where the products or services would most effectively resonate in an emerging market. We identify commercial and physical risks associated with entering a post conflict or developing market, provide risk mitigation services and recommend trusted local security providers.

Providing introductions to key decision makers in identified emerging markets

Emergent has an established network of commercial and government representatives that facilitate access to emerging markets. Our representatives have proven influence and performance throughout the Middle East and Africa.

Facilitating initial market penetration

Emergent provides a structured approach to commencing operations in chosen markets. We understand that establishing a company in a new market is a complicated and time-consuming process requiring specialist knowledge and experience. At Emergent we support businesses by providing guidance to help navigate the bureaucratic processes involved with establishing a business in a chosen emerging market.

Some considerations include:

  • Business registration
  • Company taxation regulations
  • Residency and employment regulations
  • Labour law for indigenous employees
  • Accommodation and local transportation options